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About Me
Leah; fifteen; female.
I love my friends, music, photography, cinematography and writing. I'm the quiet girl who is overlooked and underestimated. I'm probably too open-minded for my own good. I like to study the minds of humanity, and helping my friends with their problems. I play French horn; without T.H.S. Band I would drop out of school.

These writings come from my heart. I need a place to do this. I love the idea of an LJ. I can change the layout when I want, read other people's LJs, and get feedback on mine. Simply divine.

Coheed and Cambria. Boys Night Out. Nightwish. Deadboy and the Elephantmen. 30 Seconds To Mars. Forgive Durden. My Chemical Romance. The Used. The Cure. The Shins. Matchbook Romance. Brand New. Mae. Aerosmith. Sublime. Incubus. Bayside. June. The Mars Volta. Bleed The Dream. Angels and Airwaves. Head Automatica. A Thorn For Every Heart. Royden. 10 Second Epic. The Spill Canvas. Alkaline Trio.

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July 22, 2006 @ 03:59
[ mood | cheerful ]

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