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Hello, I'm PeiJae. If I don't know you in person, add me.

I am a student.
I am a French horn.

I am a photographer.

I am a friend, companion,
classmate, teammate, daughter
granddaughter, neice, a cousin.

I am a director.
I am artistic && optimistic.
I am mixed raced;; a writer
A teenager.

Coheed and Cambria gives me hope.
My band gives me a place.

My camera captures memories I
never want to forget.
My pets reminds me humanity
isn't at its best.

I've learned of straights, gays and lesbians, bisexual and asexual
I've learned of abortion and ruthless killings,
death, race and suicide.
I've learned of sex and drugs, of swearing and religion.
All the touchy topics that the world cannot accept.

I love to hear the voices blasting in my ears
I love to see my friends standing around me
I love to stare into photographs
and think of how that exact day smelled.
And how I woke that day, just like
How I will tomorrow.